Are you looking for the right shapewear line after Bariatric Surgery?

Following a Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) procedure such as Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass Surgery - you may have loose and excess skin. We provide an uplifting and sophisticated feel for women's and men's shapewear of all shapes and sizes in Australia.

Wearing our bariatric shapewear compression to shape your new figure will support everything in place.

What makes BN Healthy shapewear line so unique?

Three words. Comfort, Premium, Seamless.

We're Australia's leading brand for women's and men's shapewear catering to bariatric patients. Wearing our shapewear post-surgery can help with aesthetics, provide back support and support your posture after WLS.

Our Bariatric shapewear will keep your loose and excess skin in place, making you feel more comfortable as you go about your everyday life. It can also support blood flow to affected areas, helping speed up your recovery.

So, what do you have to lose?

Regardless of what bariatric surgery you opt for, BN Healthy shapewear has you covered. Give us a try and view our shapewear range.

100% confidence guaranteed.

Shapewear & Compression

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